Mr Rob Bethune

MA (Cantab), MBBS (Hons), MSc, FRCS
Colo-rectal consultant surgeon in Exeter, Devon

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I had a double hernia operation carried out in October 2019 by Rob Bethune at the Nuffield Hospital in Exeter.

The operation and procedure were a huge success and from the initial pre-op to the final aftercare appointment, I found Rob to be very helpful, attentive, professional, and possess a very calm friendly manner.

Patient at The Exeter Nuffield Hospital

In February Mr. Bethune operated on my bilateral inguinal hernia, following diagnosis by my GP. In the preliminary consultation, he advised that a laparoscopic (keyhole) technique be used so that both hernias could be operated on at once, and for a quick recovery. This was very well explained.

The operation was carried out in the early evening and so involved an overnight stay in the hospital. The staff were lovely and made the whole experience as comfortable as possible. The wounds have cleared up very well and all pain associated with the hernias has gone. I am more than happy with the whole experience.

Patient at The Exeter Nuffield Hospital

In December 2019 Mr. Berthune operated on my inguinal hernia, under local anesthetic, and did an excellent job – the operation was a success. It was a pleasure dealing with him

Patient at Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital

I recently had a double hernia operation and found Mr. Bethune to be a confident and approachable surgeon who explained the whole procedure to me and put me totally at ease. I was treated using the laparoscopic technique and I was fully mobile and pain-free within hours.

Patient at The Exeter Nuffield Hospital

Rob is an attentive, pleasant professional with an excellent bedside manner and caring outlook.

My surgery was carefully planned, prepared, delivered, and the follow up most satisfactory. I always felt a part of the process and informed about each step.

Patient at Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital

Mr. Bethune listened and responded thoughtfully. Care before and after the colonoscopy procedure was of a high standard with empathy for how I was feeling. Thoughtfulness was required as I needed to stay overnight which was not expected. I appreciated the continuous monitoring I received whilst in the Nuffield Exeter. The good news is that the colonoscopy has to date given me improved colon health which is a huge plus after having suffered chronic IBS for 30 years and cleared away a concern of any internal problem in the colon. Therefore I am feeling noticeably more comfortable and positively able to enjoy far better health.

Patient at The Exeter Nuffield Hospital

I had a Hernia operation with Mr. Rob Bethune as my surgeon. When I arrived for my initial consultation and met Mr. Bethune for the first time I immediately felt at ease. He is very professional and has a calm friendly manner which makes him very easy to talk to. He listened carefully as I explained the level of discomfort I was in and then ran through my options regarding surgery explaining clearly the pros and cons involved and answered the questions I had which helped me make my decision.

My post-op recovery was quick with not too much pain after the first five days. I had a follow-up appointment a month later at which Mr. Bethune checked that everything was healing ok.

Patient at The Exeter Nuffield Hospital

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Rob Bethune is a Colo-Rectal Consultant Surgeon at the Royal Devon University Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and a Senior Lecturer in Health Care Quality Improvement, University of Exeter. He is primarily a laparoscopic surgeon specialising in Inflammatory Bowel Disease’. He also manages hernias (laparoscopic and open), haemorrhoids and other peri-anal problems.

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